FRESH START MONDAY:  A Word from the owner

FRESH START MONDAY: A Word from the owner

As an entrepreneur I used to feel alone alot. It's cool now. It took some time to realize the shift that was taking place in my life.

Alot of times I have felt like I wasn't supported. When truly there were people along the way that gave me that push, that direction that I didn't know I needed.

Sometimes we want people to spend the late nights early mornings with us. We want the financial support. We want the acknowledgment that the people we're closest to is giving others for their accomplishments. In reality the non support is what really push us into greatness.

No person nor thing gets more glory than God.

I'm usually pretty good for showing my appreciation, but if I didn't for some reason thank you to everyone who have supported me along this journey from advice, being a customer and referring customers. Thank you!

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